In order to price the treatment system, it is necessary to have an analysis of the effluent and the volume of effluent per day. Among the items required for estimating the cost of COD and BOD, heavy metals and other factors according to the industry.
Finally, the final price can be announced after the site visit by the technical unit of Pooya Gene Azma Company نمود.

At first, you can register the basic information such as the amount of wastewater and its analysis by contacting the company. After checking by our experts, you will be contacted to check other details.

It can be said that it is possible to install a purification system for most industries. The list of industries where the biofilter system has been installed so far includes: electroplating, textile, animal husbandry, sieving, waste leachate, etc.

Biofilter made by Poya Gene Azma Company (Biofilter PGA) in simple terms, has a main tank consisting of a substrate containing microorganisms. The substrate used has a porous texture and the capacity to stabilize more than one million microorganisms per half centimeter.

One of the advantages of the biofilter systems of Poya Gene Azma Company is the need for a small volume for its installation. The electroplating wastewater treatment system with a volume of 5 cubic meters per day requires about 4 square meters of space.

Yes, this company delivers the system to you with the guarantee that the wastewater analysis is acceptable after treatment by the environmental organization.

Yes, another feature of dynamic biofilter systems is the portability and portability of the gene test.

To move the system, you can register your request with your support or through communication channels so that our experts will guide and support you in this move.

Yes, according to your request, it is possible to adjust the system in such a way that it can be used in agricultural irrigation or return to the industry itself, and it can even be delivered to you as drinking water.

It is possible to install a purification system for all volumes of wastewater.

In addition to the instructions and explanations during the installation of the purification system, you can receive guidance from our experts in case of any problems or questions.

Yes, the quality of purification by biofilter includes a one-year warranty.

No, maintaining and setting up the system is very simple and does not require an expert. Also, in case of any problem, you can contact us and our experts will investigate and deal with the problem as soon as possible.